Centennial of the Discovery of Tutankhamen’s Tomb

In November 1922 archeologist Howard Carter, his benefactor Lord Carnavon and lady Evelyn took a peek inside at the royal tomb with intact that Carter was sure belonged to the 18th dynasty Pharo Tutankhamen. The story has been told and retold mystified and mythologized many times.

In anticipation of the explosion of Egyptomania that will likely grip the public attention

Howard Carter was born in South Kensington, London a blue plaque marks where he lived in his later years and he is buried a London cemetery where coincidently, also is Lady Evelyn

The youngest of eleven children Howard’s ill health caused him to be sent out of London to stay with relatives in Swaffam, Norfolk.

One of Samuel Carter’s patrons was William Amherst Tyssen-Amherst of Didlington Hall, an estate eight miles from Swaffham. As a boy, Howard visited Didlington Hall when his father painted Lord Amherst’s portrait, and this is where he first became exposed to Egyptology.



Highclere castle

Flinders Petrie

British Museum

Cleopatra’s needle

Other important collections of Egyptian antiquities in the UK

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